For leaving my dream place and enjoy their culture

hey guys,
I'm Krishnapriya (KP) from India
I love Korea and i like to spend some times there around 2 months from January 2015 onwards. But get approval from my family is difficult task, for that either I have to join a course there or a job. 2months course is not possible. so I'm looking for a Korean distance education MBA in which i can learn from my own country or a 2month job in PHP like website programming project. I don't know i can find a opportunity or not. Its my dream may be it will end as a dream but i want to take try....... Im a PHP programmer.. is there any 2mnths duration job related to php on January on wards

Post the same in IIK FB page. Indians In Korea (IIK) where you can get quick info from ppl over here.
Good Luck
All d best

heya!! me too have the same thought..Is there any good universities in South Korea for CyberSecurity?? i need to study there.

Hi! can u send me the IIK FB link. Because when i search for it..It shows nothing related to it.

@rudolfcastro  thank you i can't find IIK fb page..can you plz send the link....

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