Looking for brother and sister from Liége born 79 and 82

I am looking for the siblings "Kim Stefan" and "Sophie Astrid" Engelen.
I'm not sure which one is the first name but believe it is the first name of both. Kim Stefan is born -79 and Sophie Astrid was born in -82
Do you know who I'm talking about?
mail me at:

Hi Thomas_Hamberg,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Missing people in Liège section with detailed description of the persons you are looking for, as well as pictures of them if possible. Thank you! :)



Thanks alot for the tip David, I'll try there. Unfortunately I only have the names of them, no pictures!

This may be a silly question, but you don't know their names, have no photos and no contact information at all.

Why do you want to contact them?

The ladies' safety is an obvious concern with such a request.

It is my half brother and sister, i dont even know if they know that i exist..

I understand your reasons, and wish you good luck in finding your lost family.
I've tried searching for as many combinations as I can think of, but no positive leads come up at all.
No facebook, twitter or anything.
Sorry I'm unable to assist.

I have tried to, especially facebook but nothing that seems to be the right ones. Thanks for your help :)

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