New In Beijing

Hey guys im new to China moved here yesterday.
Im staying in Beijing for one month then im off to taiyuau.
Really would like to meet some people as its pretty lonely when you cant speak the language.
My number is *** we chat or text cheers

Callum hi

we don't have a get togther today  (30 Sept) becasue of the holiday.

On Tuesday 7 Oct I am planning an "international" picnic.

You are welcome to join us.  I will add you on WeChat.

14 Oct we return to our normal style of event.

An informal DIY International Picnic on Tuesday 7 October

Each person to bring something to be shared with everyone.

If possible bring something that is traditional from your home region.

Up to you whether to make it or buy it or if you don't have the ingredients or skills just bring something (anything) from the local supermarket that you like.

To coordinate who brings what (sweet, savoury, drinks etc) please contact me on WeChat 13911098002 and tell me that you are interested.

I have made a small WeChat group for this fun (weather permitting) activity.

Venue for the picnic Chaoyang Park West Gate 3.

No charge - each person pays his/her own entrance fee

Time still TBC but assume 11:45.

Reminder - no event tonight.

Dear Calluml, this is Emily from Beijing, I just search your wechat number, but unfortunately I didn't find it through your phone number, are you traveling here or working here?Why you will go to Taiyuan?

Hi Hutianjie,

Please note that Calluml hasn't connected to the website since years now. Perhaps you could start a new thread if you are looking for information ?

All the best,

Thanks for reminding me dear

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