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I am James new in want to get more friends I come from USA and relocate in Shanghai ... is a real platform to make friends and get a good link for expat community.

welcome to china。Have a good time in China。
I am chinese,living in Shanghai。I want make friends and be interested in different culture. Please feel free to contact me.
My Wechat id:Hitall79

hello james... i am also new here

Hi, I am a kinda new here... I thought it would be nice to have some more int'l friends here, in GZ)) Feel free to contact me on WeChat: Lt-Schmidt

Hi James,

I'm Ron and in the Changshu area which is about a  90 min. drive from Shanghai.  I came here with my wife (a south Korean), and are 6 year old daughter.  I am teaching in an international school here but would like to later move to the shanghai area due to the large population of Koreans in the area as my wife would be close to her people,

I am on Skype at:   ron.hegedus  give me a ring.


Note:  The Yonglooks is my wife's nickname,  just call me Ron.

Hi James. Hi everyone.  I'm Narine, from Armenia. I live in Guangzhou. Would be glad to make new friends!

Hi All, I'm Heather and just relocated from UK a month ago living in Huangpu District of Shanghai.

Would love to make new friends, my Wechat Id is ***

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Weilcome to shanghai. my wechat: XXX , iI am 44 years old . and I am running a Enlish Tranning Center. Even thuogh I don't look like one. :D

shanghai is a great place

Hi, I’m new to and in China. I just relocated to Hefei, Anhui Province from NYC. Anyone in my city or close? Would love to meet new people and connect to hangout or travel. If you come my way, you can also reach out too. I speak English and 3 types of Chinese language.

Don’t be shy, say hi...😉

Hello Travellingfoodie,

Wecome to Shanghai

Thank you, but I’m not in Shanghai. I’m in Hefei. 😀

Sorry misunderstand :)

No problem. 👌

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