Want to know about Lagos - Safety?The La Casera Plc?Education?Leisure?

Hi All
I am an Indian professional and in the discussion with a company called The La casera Plc for a job. To tell you about myself I am married with one 4 year old kid.

I need your help to know

1) How is The La casera Plc as a company? as an employer? How big is their business in Nigeria
2) What about quality of education for  junior students in Lagos? Any idea of cost of international school for Junior schools specifically in VI and ikoyi side
3) What sort of recreation facilities are available in Lagos particularly for family.
4) Though I have heard that there is no saftey issues now in Lagos but still do you want me to take care of any specific area.


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Hope that soon enough some local members will be able to give you some information.

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My name is raju. I am from Bangalore. I am in the process of interview with jotna group (La casera unit). I hope you have joined this company

Can you pls help me out on how is this company, work culture, salary payment on time etc...


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