Getting a job in Mauritius before moving in

I wish move to Mauritius to start a new life. I am a professional teacher and a computer technician.
I am able to do other things like painting, domestic electrical works, plumbing works, gardening and other  menials as well.

I have been teaching since September 2009, when I completed college of education in Ghana, and graduated with a Diploma in Basic Education Certificate.

What are some of the possibilities for me to acquire a job when I move to Mauritius?

Can I get a job in Mauritius before I move in?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Aquasi, from Ghana.

for your info. you have to apply for a job first. After an offer the local company will apply for a work permit and visa etc.. then you can move to Mauritius. otherwise you will get a tourist visa.

Thanks Sudeven.

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