Indian doctors in king saud hospital, riyadh

Kindly give me some information about the Indian doctors in king saud hospital riyadh.As I am also an Indian doctor selected for king saud hospital riyadh, but I am very nervous about new job and country.

I think it should not be very difficult. You can start looking for the relevant associations like AHRS India & AAHRS. A good idea will be to start looking from Board of Governors, as they will be the people who will have long standing the field. Further I can share a few names in the country who certainly are ethical people in the field.
If you’re looking for FUE surgery, I strongly recommend Dr Kapil Dua, Dr Aman Dua, Dr Arvind Poswal from AK Clinics (best hair transplant india).

did u join ksmc. which dep r u working?

Hello.. I am Indian doctor and selected for interview to work in Saudi. Can any one help me ? How is the work there? Is it safe for expat ?

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