Thinking of moving to Thailand, help me with my hesitations!

Hey guys, I am a 23 year old male from Auckland, New Zealand. Spent a month in Thailand this year, In Bangkok Phuket and chiang Mai. Have gradually started to get bored with my day to day life here, and have been thinking about moving over. I have several things holding me back, one is my small business I've run for 4 years, selling it would be easy but I don't have any qualifications so unsure how id go getting work in Thailand. I also have a cat and dog who id rather not leave behind! :( no idea what area I'd prefer but no where too hectic like Bangkok! Any info would be much appreciated :)

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Don't make the move based on one month holiday in Thailand.

Unless you land employment with large company providing good salary and benefit package you will not be able to live the life you enjoyed on holiday.  Jobs like that without qualifications you will not find.

Thailand is a great place to visit or retire (as I have recently done), but I can think of much better destinations for a 23-year-old looking for adventure and/or work. Without very good qualifications and experience, finding decent work here is very difficult. About the only thing possible is teaching English and even that is getting more difficult every day. And there are much better countries in which to teach English for better salary and benefits.  Hate to be the bearer of more discouragement.

Having said that, my 26-year-old son left his job in Canada a few years ago, travelled the globe and ended up in China, where I lived and worked for the last six years before retiring to Thailand. Four years later, he is still there, teaching English part-time and has just celebrated the first anniversary of a small, successful bar/deli business he opened last year.  He followed his dream and is having a great time!

So if you have your heart set on it, best of luck!

from a fellow kiwi--- DONT  move to thailand until you can properly support thailand.
i have had vast small business experience..
when i first decided , i wanted to move to thailand... i looked at ALL  sorts of businesses here--bars,laundry-guesthouse--7eleven etc etc...
there are too many risks, problems with thai staff-corruption by police and landlords its not worth the effort'' for small returns.
i then did a course to teach english--but gave up that idea--working for a pittance, teaching people who dont want to learn--what a waste of effort...
you would be far far better---increasing your work hrs in NZ--- then have several holidays per year in thailand..until you have saved enough to live in thailand..
create  passive income or income from online work...
i am very glad that i delayed moving to thailand---i own very nice condo, get full nz super transferred to thailand, plus i have substantial passive income fro property investments---
still own property in nz-can return anytime--- never burn all your bridges--many people do..

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