Anyone keen for a get together at Baher Beach Villas? Men and Women

Hi everyone!

My name is John, I'm new to Khobar and I thought it'd be a great idea to organize a social at one of the private beach clubs near Khobar, However I should mention that it is a private club where expats can mix, also women are free to dress as they like etc, so because of this Saudis are not allowed to enter, I'm not sure on what their policy is on people of other gulf nationalities.

They charge 50 Riyals entrance and have pools, volley ball, a restaurant, beach and jet skis.

Let me know if anyone is interested and perhaps we can set a date, and get together, I think it will be a great opportunity for people who are new here to branch out and make some new friends in the area.

Look forward to hearing form you!


Hi Jhon ,

yeah its really a good idea and best time is on weekend .... but can you tell where are these private beach clubs here .... have you any contact details or any website adress ... to check it .... if more people connects you on the fourm then its awsome gathering .... i will wait your reply with more details ... from my side ur idea is on .... :idontagree:

Well if you are serious about it, I am ready to drive all the way to Khobar on a weekend for it. I Love jet ski and the beach.

So for this reason Count me in ...

Just arrange a date get more people and lets proceed on it.

John, That's a great idea. will join, Just confirm the timing ....

I guess its better we all arrange together and give out our contacts so that we can keep more intouch. Like we send our numbers to the person who is going to organize this.

Just saying ,,,

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your replies.

1. I think let's let this float for a while till enough people have seen it so that we can make the most of it and get enough people involved so that we can have teams for volley ball and what not. I'm also thinking a bring and share will be awesome, everyone there usually brings a bbq which is always a hit on the beach.

2. For those of you driving a long distance to attend, I suggest that you try do some research and find out what their policy is for who they do and don't allow into the resort. Not to be funny but if you've lived in Saudi long enough then you know how prejudice some people can be to people from various other nationalities. The owner is Lebanese so hopefully he is open and welcoming to all expats...Inshallah lol ;)

If there's enough hits on this then I'll put up my contact details and send you guys the location via whatsapp. I think with Hajj coming up the prices will be higher though probably 100 per person, but ti's still worth it to spend a few hours not feeling like you in Saudi.

Cheers guys, watch this space and I'll keep you posted!!!

It's called Baher Beach Villas, it's next to the Movenpick/Holiday Inn beach resort by Half moon beach.

I seriously doubt they will do any open advertising because they want to keep it on the down low for obvious reasons. When you get there, you'll see it's really tucked away and almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Contact you soon,


So when will this be again?

I'll be visiting Riyadh from October 1-6 (coming from Tabuk), and I think I can manage to go all the way to Al Khobar for this if it will fall on those dates. Lol

Keep us posted.


I am in. Let me know the tentative date please.

hi John,
Please count me in anytime with just one day notice I am ready to join.. have been there its a fantastic place to chill out..
my contact
Best of luck hope we make it..


Hey dude
Make a plan during Eid Holliday. Waiting for your initiation

Ok guys,

Let's do this then.

This thing is gonna happen on the 3rd of October @ 7pm onwards...

My whatsapp number is 0543322013 and my cell number is 0540495035

Please bring your own drinks and food, if you want to do your own bbq then bring all the essentials you would need for that too. However there is also a restaurant there too.

Here is the location... … 57fb?hl=en

It's 2 or 3 buildings on the left of the Movinpick/Holiday Inn beach resorts.

Look forward to seeing you there, by the looks of things it's gonna be a bit of a sausage fest but hey, I'm married so what do I care? LOL. :)

Ok this is cool.
I am definitely going.
I'll check this beach resort

This is so cool bro
We r in
I ll contact u for more details
But wt about the dj u didn't mention any about it

Haha, this really shows how desperate expat people are in this country  :proud .Well anyways its really nice to see people getting excited about this event but don't get your hopes too high people because from my experience lot of resorts discourage Asians and Arabs [something to do with resort policy and rules] anyhow .Well done John for pitching this idea and encouraging it .If you need any support for this post then fell free to ask the team.

Yeah thats why I did offer a word of caution to other Arabs and South Asians thinking about going especially if they are travelling a long distance. I do know they have zero problem with Phillipinos/as going there as they usually have copious amounts of them there on a frequent basis. Thanks for the support, just trying to make mine and others stay here just a tad more comfortable.




So for those of you who are coming to this thing tonight, I'll try get a table on the beach towards the far right. Keep a lookout for me based on my profile pic. There won't be a huge welcome banner so don't get your hopes up. I just usually go to this place every weekend so I'm looking to liven it up a bit by meeting some other people there.

Hope to see you guys there, I will be there from 4pm, If you need me please call me rather than whatsapp as I won't have internet on my phone whilst I'm there.


Guess i was too late reading this post, but anyway i hope you guys had fun and enjoy it there.. let us know how it went and what nationalities are allowed.. also the fees! cause what i know is that you have to rent a place inside not just pay 50 SAR admission fees

I contacted you by mobile phone but did not respond to phone, and sent through whatsapp, and I wanted to send you here.

Hi John,

I am new in Khobar since 1 Nov and would love to go to this Baher Beach.Can you give me more  info please as to how and when and location. Also if we can meet up .like to make new friends . i am a South African expat working for Aramco since 2011. Transfered to Dhahran since Nov



How are you, all
Would you arrange to another event like that?

Hi John, im very keen for that. also, im a tennis player if you wish we can play tennis together .