Moving to Cologne area.

Hello! I am looking to move to the Cologne area towards the end of this year/beginning of January! I'm looking for any advice, tips or general information about living in this area!

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While waiting for members over there to give you some information, I suggest you to browse through the threads in our Cologne forum so as to gather some infos over there.

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Hi tr -
Some question that will help us answer your question. Do you speak German? Will you have a job? Are you looking for a place to stay? If so, what (own apartment, WG, short-term housing, etc)? What is the range you're willing to pay for housing?

Good for move to Cologn and I will also move there at end of March and May I pray for your best journay.

Hi - how exciting...I love about 40 minutes away but love getting to Cölogne, for it's size it really offers a lot of diverse things to see and do (museums, historic sites, nightclubs, cinemas, markets, street art and artists...), hope you have a great time discovering your new home. My best tip for you would be to join the group for expats called Kölner Klüngel - there are other groups as well but I think this is the largest will give you an opportunity to join some of their activities and get to know others in the same situation.  My favorite neighborhoods in Köln are the old city of course, the Belgian Quartier and the multi-cultural neighborhood of Ehrenfeld ... There is a small cinema called Metropolis that plays films in their original version (OV) .... A lot of expats go there, though it is sort of an adventure with them getting films to download - but reminds me of smaller arthouse cinemas back in the states.  Get a bike and bike along the rhine in the'll love it!

Hii I am moving to Cologne but in March and looking for accomodation.

Hi Suburbia

Great tips, coming to Cologne mid March. I enjoy biking, hopefully I can bike
to work, as I do that in New Zealand.

Thanx very much, see you soon


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