shopping in india for norway

what shall I pack from India to norway

Will woodland shoes survive in norway winter


What you need will depend on what part of the country you are going to. In Oslo, I would recommend a good pair of heavy boots to be able to get around. The snow and ice can be difficult to walk on, particularly if you are not used to it. In other parts of the country, there is very little snow.

Hi Rohit, I am moving to Oslo in January 2015 and wondering what kind of boots and from where I should buy them in Delhi? Did you find an answer?

this is my first time to oslo...since its winter here...we have snow everywhere almost once in a week ...buying branded shoes like nike,puma is good idea...woodand would be heavier to walk...
In oslo we get gripper for the shoes at very cheap rate...that is the good idea to buy...else we get shoes in oslo for winter...above all we need to be careful while walking on snow(ICE)

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