New arrival seeking accomodation

Hi I am Kevin.
A couple of months ago I came to Siem Reap exploring the possibility of moving here. I have made the move. During that time I met a few of you and was told an apt/room etc can be had for $100-200 per month. I want air, internet and walking distance to Pub St.
I am a professional musician and will be working here probably mostly in the Night Market area.
I understand the pitfalls of electrical power failure, water supply etc but want to avoid a place particularly prone to that.
Otherwise I'm not too fussy.
I would be much obliged if anyone could put me onto some potential apt/room/small house.
My number is 0962246419 email koolmuse5[at]
Thanks and see you around town.

Hi Keven,

There is a guesthouse located few hundred meters from night market, air-con and wifi are available, so you can come a have a look. Call me if you are interested, my number is 012664224.

Hello KevinAllen

Welcome to :)

You can also place an advert in our Housing in Siem Reap Section so as to increase your chances to find a suitable rental.

Kenjee Team

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