English speaking hairdresser

My name is Hae Na.  I'm currently working as a hairdresser at Juno hair which is known for hairdressing.

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I used to lived in the UK and Dubai so I am confident that I can communicate without any problems.

If you need any more help, I can help out as well. (As I have been there before, I understand how hard the life can be when it comes to living overseas.)

I have local knowledge( where to eat and where to visit) so just contact me anytime.

Hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are!!!


Hae Na

Welcome Hae Na,
Your global exposure and expat life in dubai will be certainly useful in communicating with the expats here in Korea. I think you are the second korean girl who is English speaking Hair Dresser in this forum. There is a girl 'Jang' who have salon in apgujeong. I knew JUNO as a leading brand in hair styling. I came to IFC couple of times to have dinner at mexican resto in the basement.

Hi. There.
Thank you for replying so quickly and welcoming me.
Just come by when you are around at IFC mall to say hello. :)


Hae Na

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