Yoga classes in the north


Anyone know if there are yoga classes in the north, around curepipe there are loads foc but i can't find the no to call in the north



Hi Zeina,

I know a very good teacher in Port Louis, i dont know if its ok for you. Its the closest i can find to Cap Malheureux. How many classes are you willing to take in a month?

Hi Ashtangi

Thanks for the reply. Port Louis is fine, i used to go to Art of Living at Wootun till september lst year.

Every saturday morning will be fine so about 4 classes per month, me and another 2 friends.

Thanks for advising


Hi Zeina

Lotus Yoga Institute will be conducting diploma courses during the week ends starting on Saturday 7th August at 2 pm at the Arya Sabbha of Port Louis near Champ De Mars.Its a 3 month course and its a very complete course where you will learn about the asanas, yoga philosophy including alternate therapies. It really worth it.
On the other hand i know this teacher who has ongoing classes in Port Louis but i'm not sure if she has them on saturdays tho.

Let me know which one will suit you the best and i'll msg you the contact details. If you have any question about yoga don't hesitate to ask.

Kindest regards


Thanks for the reply.

The diploma course sounds great, how much will be the course?

I would really prefer saturday classes from this teacher you are talking about, but i wouldn't mind evening classes as well, after 6.30pm at Port Louis during wkdays, can you mail me her contacts [email protected]

Thanks for your help.



Ive sent you a mail with all the details

grand bay gym


will check it out

Grand Bay gym is a bit expensive (you've got to pay an "inscription fee" + monthly fee

Any other Yoga courses in the North ?

Hi does anyone know any yoga schools where you can do your teachers training course or work up to that? Thank you and have a good day.


Unfortunately there are not yoga schools here in Mauritius that prepare you to become a teacher. There are some institutes who do offer some courses( with certification) about yoga and its philosophy but nothing of a teacher's training course.

Are you already a yoga practitioner?

hi.can someone please suggest me few yoga classes in north of mauritius..

Hi Cossilah!

Le studio - 251 7655 - courses will re-start in september i believe but you can always contact them and check with them

harmony club also runs yoga courses - 791 2166

have a great week end :)

want to join yoga class, any idea friends where i can find a gud yoga class which is not to expensive also in north?

There are yoga and pilates classes in grand baie business park, ask at reception

Yes there is a yoga teacher staying at trou aux biches. He is the best teacher you can find on the whole island. I lost a lot of weight doing yoga with him. He is actually certified in America. He is also quite cheap. His name is Josh. You can reach him on 9293021

Hi, I run a small yoga school in the north.

Hello everyone,

please note that you have it live in TV, morning @ 5 or 6 a.m. by an indian guru name Pandit Ramdev. A very well known guru that explains in clear details about every movements with explanations for any differents cure etc..


can someone plz tell me where can i get a class where i can get diploma in fitness so that i can go in this field in future

Lotus Yoga Institute and The Mahatma Ghandi Institute offers diploma courses

Hi Ashtangi,

Could you please send me the number of the yoga teacher in Port Louis?


Hi...i just want a centre of yoga..for pregnant..
Im searching in the north..and i saw champ de mars...can you help me for more details please

Hello i want to follow courses in yoga..can i have more details plz thx

@ chandinisumaruth :

I invite you to post an ad in the Mauritius classifieds section under the category yoga classes.

Thank you,

Priscilla Team  :cheers:

Please connect Maharishi Yoga Asanas Expert ***

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Caudan arts center are giving yoga and pirat course. Check their FB.

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