Joining Dilla University from 1st October

Hi All,

I am moving to Dilla by the end of this next month with my husband... I have never been anywhere outside India. So I am little afraid of moving there... Can someone help me in understanding the challenges of  shifting there and how can I make Indian friends. I am bit scared..


Hello Akansha

You can participate on our Networking in Addis Ababa section of the forum so as to increase your chances to meet other expatriates who are in the same situation as you, and looking for friends.

Also do not hesitate to browse through the Addis Ababa forum so as to gather useful information to prepare your stay here.

Kenjee Team

:) Donno much about Dilla..but Ethiopia is a safe country nd people r friendly nd helpful.No indian groceries available except a few n addis.. :) .Welcome to u....

Hello ppl... Same here... I am in full dilemma to leave India and enter into new place... Actually I have placed thru the interview and joining the job.. But my husband is in IT field, can he get any job in dilla university???? He has done is BE...  He is interested in teaching too :)

I am ALSO planing to join Dilla university first time.
I am also in same boat. But u r moving before me. I am planning on 13th after Diwali
So if you get any information kindly let me know. My email is ++++
wish you good luck

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