"Filipina getting married w/ an Indian Boyfriend,,might be difficult?"

i'm a Indian i'm married to pinoy we're leaving in India at the moment shes enjoying here in my place mangalore we married since 2004 we love much each other & understand  we have a kids 2 boys handsome boys hehe kidding !! we're both country citizenship (OCI)


Those girls asking about marrying Indian guy and settled down in India should understand these following:

1. The Indian culture is conservative and family members won't be cooperative at initial stages. Very rare to rare case, you may find contrast to this point.

2. The cultural engagement and traditional gatherings are totally different to what you might have seen in your own country. So, don't be surprised.

3. In India, when we find different in each and every state the way people live, life style and social attachment then imagine coming from a different country which has 0.00001% similarity with India, will find difficulties to adjust here.

4. Not like other religions, Hinduism is way of living and never force upon you. So, you will find quite easier way to get into the family but for that you need to have patience.

5. Remember with whom you have decided to live your life, if he stands next to you then no matter how difficulties you face, will survive.

6. Before deciding to settle down in a country, I would suggest visit that country first and meet his family (if possible), try to show your respect and love towards them.

7. Don't take any decision in hurry, take your time, judge all the situations step by step in a cool mind, then go ahead.

As I'm Indian, and Hindu believer who respect others and welcome to our country and live happily with whom you decide to live with.

Always remember, most of hindu men are family oriented and normally they don't leave their wife stranded nor asking for divorce due to family reputations, society stigma, all in all our mind set is to live with whom I hold hand for life.

Request to all Indian, if you are marrying someone from other countries, who left her country and family for you, stand with her all the time and live happily rest of your life. Good luck to all love birds. I pray almighty Shiva to bless you all.

We're in the same situation. I'm pregnant with our first baby but can't get married coz my bf parents bf will not allow. I love him so much and I don't want to lose especially now that we're having a baby boy soon.

try to get marry first, ask him to talk to his parents and explain his love towards you.
Baby without a father is a hell, don't do this to your baby.
baby don't have to suffer because of your fault.
hope you are mature enough to understand.

Hi, i'm filipina i have muslim indian boyfriend were 4 years together as a couple but are relationship againts to thier family because from 1 month back his parents starting to convince him to get married and his parents start to look. But he loves me so much and his welling to marry me but the problem his family. Maybe they won't accept us.. Can u give me advice pls thanks do i need to fight for our love??

its simple sister if your boyfriend heart so strong can do anything but his weak...

Hi sarthak, I am looking to marry my philippine gf. Can you tell me what all documents I would need to marry her in India?

hello sandeep,

http://englishwifeindianlife.com/civil- … r-india-1/

Hi,I need help I have an indian boyfrend for 2yrs and he wants to marry me in india but how can we get married im already married in the philippines but were separately 10years ago.it is possible to marry me in india or no?we're love each other and his family wanys me to,nextyer i will go india to visit them.plsss I need help😊

Best way to go check for yourself, a few weeks enough to get a clear answer!

Yes I want to marry him but how?I'm not take divorced.is there's any way in india to marry me?

Guess so, when you get your vacation go India and ask i possible! Are you divorced from the Filipino ex?

No sad to say😔

That's why I'm worried I wants to know if there's any way to marry me?some trends tell me if I convert to Muslim yes he can marry me.it' is true??

DO you want to be married to two guys at the same time time? at least on papers? In some cultures yes, even you can marry brothers! I'm do not think Indians will accept that!!!

Iam maneesh from.new delhi i was planning to marry my philipino gf...So pls guide me whats the procedure to marry her and bring her here in India..I know iam asking too much but are they good ?? relaible ??
pls tell me and help me out.

Hi Maneesh,

I am a lawyer by profession and have handled lot of cases of an Indian married to a foreigner. You can email me on saurabhkocher[at]live.in with all the details. Thanks!

How can I write on the expat wall where everyone can see it. I'm newbie in here

Hi there everyone
also I have an Indian bf
2years in a relationship werebin same country working now
we need to go India for the marriage I just need to know what  papers I need to prepare for the marriage.
Advice please
Thank you

Well being fare is always good. If you look underage then I guess no problem. Congrats

Oh no guys. Is u except true love from Filipina. No chance. First check their character .  then u love it and do marriage. And who did already marriage with filipina's sure they will worry about it. Ahahahaha

hi jaan...i also have indian bf and also planning to get marry soon...im here in india now..i suggest u live first here coz u might have culture shocked..and learn to know first his family..im also a filipina.

Oh I see. Can I talk to your boyfriend

If that Pinay loves u shares her feelings her emotional mean yeah ok she excepting good life she loves u only. Beware guys.

any Filipino-Indian couple staying in Chennai or tamilnadu?

I am Mitch and I have a boyfriend from india. I have no problem with family. Our only concern is how we can start in another country where we can work or how we can stay in Philippines. I understand that if we are married, we just hve to wait for 5 years before we can start applying for his Philippine residency. But how will we get married and how will he stay here if there are no work for him in the philippines

Hi po :) It's hard for him to get job in the Philippines... It's better for you to move to India or you both search for job in other countries... But before that maintain good relation with your boyfriend's family :) my wishes for both of you :)

Hello Pradeep, but there are Indians in the Philippines. I think even if it is hard, we can try. And also he doesn't want us to live in India. He is allowing me to work because he thinks I need that as a person too. So our only option is for him to go here or we go to other countries and work there.

Does he have any work experience?

Pradeep, he is an engineer. And I want to think that he can find a job here. Also, he has no more family in India so it is better to live here where I hve a family. Or we can work in another country.

If he has an experience then it will be somewhat easy to get job in the Philippines... Better try in Singapore, malaysia like that po...

You will face problem only in Philippines immigration. Google it .. u can see a lot of  horrible stories about Philippine immigration. My wife was held around 3 hrs . they checked her mobile FB  whatsapp gallery etc etc..

What is the procedure to get marry a Filipino girl in india

Nixindia :

What is the procedure to get marry a Filipino girl in india

Not at all. What kind of wedding are you planning? Religious or Civil?

A marriage between an Indian and a foreign national is to take place in India, the marriage r has to solemnize under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.Registration of marriage cannot be done in a day .
Generally it is required to file a notice of intended marriage with a Marriage Registrar . That notice is required to be published for the stipulated 30 days. At the end of the 30 days the Marriage Registrar is free to perform the marriage.

Step 1
File an application before the sub-registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage took place.

Conditions relating to solemnization of foreign marriages.
1.    A marriage between parties one of whom at least is a citizen of India may be solemnizedunder this Act by or before a Marriage Officer in a foreign country, if, at the time of the marriage, the following conditions are fulfilled, namely:
(a) neither party has a spouse living;
(b) neither party is an idiot or a lunatic;
(c) the bridegroom has completed the age of twenty-one years and the bride
the age of eighteen years at the time of the marriage, and
(d) the parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship;
Provided that where the personal law or a custom governing at least one of the parties permits of a marriage between them, such marriage may be solemnized, notwithstanding that they are within the degrees of prohibited relationship.

The following documents are required for both the partners for register the marriage
1.    A valid Passport
2.    original Birth Certificate showing parents' names
3.    if the person concerned is widowed, the original death certificate of the deceased spouse
4.    If divorced, copy of the final decree
5.    documentary evidence regarding stay in India of the parties for more than 30 days (ration card or report from the concerned SHO)
For the clause 5 create a rent agreement soon for period of not less than 30 days prior to filing application 

Bridegroom and bride should give notice of intended marriage 30 days in advance for the solemnization of marriage along with prescribed fees. Bride or bridegroom must have lived continuously for not less than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer before giving the notice

Step 2
After the stipulated waiting period of 30 days the marriage visit the sub registrar office again .If no objections are received within 30 days from the date of notice of intended marriage, along with two witnesses for solemnisation of the Marriage. Marriage Officer after following procedure prescribed under act and rules will solemnise the marriage and issued a certificate

Hello!! me also i am getting married w/ my Indian boyfriend.. i love him so much but i am thinking about how will my life be there..

What happened though? Did your wife go on tourist visa?

I am filipina and i have indian bf and he wasn't serious of me. He said in my country theres no possibility of us. Now i wish him happiness for who ever he lives with

I wish all r like you

Get in touch at
***. Message me what's.

Or ***

Happy to help

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