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It takes to long to get a work permit in maldives and I am waiting for 2 months and It's nothing until now.. I regret that I immediately resigned in my previous job here in the Philippines because they told me that I am already hired and will go to maldives in 3 days but they don't know how to manage the requirements.. so pissed

Hi Kuligar, sad about that, Working permit usually takes only 2 weeks to 1 month depends on the eagerness of your company to get you, My friend who just came yesterday waited for 3 weeks for the working permit including Immigration and Consulate Red Ribbon, try to follow up again. are you a direct hired one? or goes to agency?, i heard also in Isabela, some "agents"  are collecting a placement fee, dont bother to give unless you  have already your documents process.

hello Imleen thank you for you post.. I am a direct hire and they don't collect money. Are you already in maldives?

Yes, im here  already :)

Hi Imleen what company are you in?

hi kuligar, same here it took me more than two months before receiving my working permit and just few days ago I received it,,, now I am confuse coz they will send me a plane tickets right away.,so mean I will be departing from Philippines as tourist since I don't have the documents I need to presents in the Philippine immigration in the airport  to exit under working visa. did you got hired direct right? are you working in a resort as well?

Yes I was directly hired in a resort.. and today I received an email to my employer that they already received my work permit but they I don't have the copy yet and they told me that they are getting reservation for me..

I see,thats nice then,same here I will be working In a resort..  did they tell you to fix your papers here? or they are the one who will fix it for you?

I'm waiting for there instruction.. see if god's permit..

I see,,,can you do me a favour. can you update me what will  you do about the requirements, im a first timer as well, I travelled in Dubai but its my first time to travel in Maldives,, thank you in advance ,,

what job you suppose to be into?

I will work as bar waitress. Though I applied for  for restaurant hostess but they gave me a waitress job instead. :). How about you?

As a resort nurse.. are from the philippines?

Thats nice.. yes im from philippines.  From cavite to be specific. Which company are u going to work? I hope u dont mind me asking.

cheval blanc... any update with your employer?

I see. No reply yet after I told them earlier about the options for my departures here in the phil. Its either I will exit as tourist going to maldives or they will fix or I will fix all the required documents that I need to present to philippine immigration at the airport like OEC..

let's both wait

Yes..  :top:


hmm did your employer told you what are the diseases that are restricted in order to work in maldives?

no.. can you give details?

a few years ago i failed to work in middle east since my HVC(reactive) hepa c.. i got it from a blood transfusion(*sigh) though im not on food handling field they didnt let me work as an IT in middle east, now i got a good offer from maldives as an IT Tech. my worries is i might get rejected again due to that disease.

Hi sir,
  I am applied visa in 5 th August 2015.when i get my work permit were you rejected since you had that hepatitis c on your working visa?

Hi. I am a first time OFW moving to Maldives pretty soon. I hope to those who will be reading this will help in the future.

I would normally ask for inquiries from the company first if they will provide accommodation and such items that you need to verify if their policy could cover of what you need. Then inquire requirements for working visa that you need to provide for them to process. You will also ask them (if they are not aware) to have your original contract verified that will be endorsed for approval to POEA.

On POEA, not all requirements are detailed enough in the website for both employee and employer to review and learn what do they need to comply. So you have to personally come to POEA just to get the list and hopefully they will explain it to you in manner it does not confuse you. I am pretty confused on two visits and that made me think twice and a DFA official who is patient enough to explain to me about the process. I will enumerate maybe:

In Maldives, your employer should be doing:
1. Have your contract verified/approved/endorsed before it set to you.
2. Working visa of course. (NOTE: Your passport should have the validity of 2 years at least. If not, early renewal. Appointment system is first come first served)... Takes 2 weeks to a month for processing.
3. Prepare your other necessary documents needed by POEA (Company profile, legal documents that the company is legit like a business registration license)
4. Plane ticket with the receipt purchased by the company (it should be included).
5. ALL THIS should be original and must be in courier mail to you.

In Philippines, you should be doing:
1. Gather your work certificates.
2. Attain your courier package from employer.
3. Statement how you got the offer in detail. Letter form. Narrate it.
4. Passport with a validity period of 6 months (but consider Maldives' requirement) from intended date of departure.
5. Copy of Diploma
6. PRC ID or service record or training certificate

Upon approval:
7. Valid Medical Certificate from DOH-acredited medical clinic authorized to conduct med exam for OFW. They have a list. Just take your time to read and verify.
8. Pre-orientation and seminar & certificate by OWWA
9. POEA Fees of USD 100 or peso equivalent
10. OWWA membership fee USD25 or peso equivalent
11. OWWA medicare Php 900.00

1-11 for obtaining your OEC. You won't pay the ridiculous travel tax and terminal fees because you will present your travel documents to the immigration on your departure. POLO or Philippine Overseas Labor Office and POEA are like your DOLE or Department of Labor for OFWs. They're the ones who will make sure that your contract is legit and you're insured that the company have covered all of your needs.

There's no POLO in Maldives but I checked out the requirements that should be included in your contract for verification in other countries. Mostly standard but with slight differences. So we made inquiries to the Philippine consulate in Male, Maldives, POEA and nearest POLO to the country which is Malaysia and Singapore through email to verify requirements for contract verification.

Hope that this helps to avoid frustration and stress. It does not hurt to follow up (in a polite manner) and ask your concerns.



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