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Hi everyone!
My name is Sanne and with my husband (who'll work with UNICAMP) and 1.5-year old daughter we will be moving to Campinas from the Netherlands in about a month. Besides looking forward to it, there are quite a few things that need to be organized when moving with a family to an unknown country (as I'm sure you all know). So hereby I would like to ask this group of expats for some help. For now the two main things we are looking for is a home (close to UNICAMP, furnished, 3+ bedrooms, max 3000 reais all in) and some work (I teach English and Dutch to adults and children). If you hear of anything that could help us, please let me know.
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Hello Sanne,

I think you're going to have a difficult time finding a furnished 3+ br. house in that price range unless it's quite far from UNICAMP. Rents on a 3 br. unfurnished apartment in the city center range from around R$2000 to around R$3500 plus property taxes, condominimum fees and utilities on top of that. Outside the city center they range from around R$1500 to around R$2300 plus the fees above.

Houses are going to be more expensive for rent, but you won't have condominium fees. The property taxes will likely be considerably higher than an apartment too. Property owners always pass the property taxes on to their tenants; not fair but the law allows that to be done.

Hello Sanne!
I see this thread was started some time ago, but I thought I might reach out to you as we are also in the same position as your family was a few years back. My husband was offered a position  at UNICAMP and we have two babies (2 yrs old and 6 mos). We don't mind living in a two bedroom apartment (or even 1 bedroom if it's a large square footage). Most important is safety, followed closely by how close it is to the university. Did you have any success finding a place for your family? We are also hoping to spend no more than 2,500 to 3000 BRL per month. Any suggestions on neighborhoods or anything else? Thank you so much!

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