Looking to meet people and make new friends


My name is Julia, and I am an American that just moved to Lisbon, living in Alges. I am 21, and I would like to make friends!

I love science (I'm a neurobiologist), art, seeing sights, and good food!

Hey Julia, I am new here too! I am Dutch and I've been here for 3-4 weeks now :) my girl is joining me this weekend, would be cool to perhaps hangout (perhaps with Hugo, he is new here too and posted on here too!) :-) all expats, all checking out the city sounds pretty good to me and neurobiology wow :)

Hey Marchiano!

Nice to meet you. That sounds like a good plan! I will send you a private message :)


if you want to have a coffee at some place in Lisbon, or around I'd be glad to be your guide, just for the fun of practicing my English,


Hi Pedro, I sent you a PM!

Hey Julia,

I just moved here too a few weeks ago and looking for some people to go out with, explore the city, try new restaurants, etc.  Send me a PM if you're ever interested in going out some time.


Nice to meet you

Hi! My name is Courtney, and I am an American living in Lisbon as well! I am 22, and I just moved here last week. Let me know if you want to get together and get a coffee sometime :)

Hi Julia
             My name is Rakesh khadka, from lisbon , I  want to make friendsihip
mwith,you if you ascept  please contact my email

HI JuliA

This is Saroj i am totally new in Lisboa i came here about 1 month ago from Norway as i was student over there .So i am also seeking good fren in lisboa .Can you join with me ?
my email address :
thanks in advace

hi everybody, am living here for 3 years. lets make some arrangement and we all can hangout :)


Happy New Year to All😎

I am living in Portugal for a year now. I would love to make new friends😉

   I am from India as an exchange student. I am in Lisbon for 1 month now. I find that you are also from India. Nice to know you.

Hey everyone!  I moved to Lisbon about 5 months ago and have been enjoying it a lot so far.  There is so much to do in the city and around the country.  Send me a PM if you are interested in grabbing coffee or dinner sometime.  It's nice to meet new people and try new things!

Hi. How is it going in Lisbon? Is it exciting? Did you meet new friends? Where is best to stay in Lisbon? What about night life and getting to know people?

Hey there are you still in Lisbon? If so maybe we can try out some food here!  xoxo

Hello I am also an American living in lisbon are you still in the city?

Hi guys will be in lisbon in a month already looking for some friends out there

Ola! Moving to Lisbon from Tennessee in July and hope to make new friends from all over the world.
Hasta pronto!
p.s. still working on my Portuguese :)

I want to make new friends, is there any one who would like to join me?

That sounds cool! I am moving to Lisbon in late July and looking to meet people.
Let me know if you would like to meet sometime and grab some lunch or drink some

My name is Ahmed i came from Egypt, i live in lisbon since 9 months  i want to make friends and go out sometime
text me if u wish

So, where are you exactly>>??


Hi Mudassar11,

To whom are your posts intended to ?

To avoid any confusion, i suggest you include the username of the member in your post.

Thank you in advance, :)

Hi there! I'm portuguese and living in Lisbon for seven years now, if you want some tips or advice about Lisbon or even Portugal just let me know, I'll be happy to help! :)

Hi! Are you there for work or just for vacation?

Hello mam, me and my family are planning to move there in portugal i wonder if you think we made a right decision of doing that?

I'm currently working in Lisbon! ^^

Hey...i am HimAnshu

Hi thank you I will be in Lisbon Monday if u like to have a cup of coffee let me know
What’s app +***
Thank you.

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hello, im new here in lisbon,.. im a filipina came from norway...im now staying here in Casal de cambra

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