Seeking for Russian or English speaker in Monrovia

Please, help me!

I need a person who can speak Russian, or at least English, and lives in Monrovia.

I want to make a trip there and for this I need my personal assistant, who knows a lot about Monrova and Liberia in general, and can tell and show me a lot of things there.


Hello MariyaB

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Hope somebody soon helps you out ;)

Kenjee Team

Hello, my dear,
I might be a great deal of help to you because, i am a liberian , living in liberia. I understand the culture and tradition of the country very well and more so, i am cognisant of all that you may want to know about Liberia. Furthermore, I write and speak English Fluently. If you care, you can contact me by email:[email protected] Thanks so very much; hoping that you are having a wonderful time.

Hi Cyrusy,

You sound like a nice guy who knows a lot about Liberia.  I was wondering if I could email you some questions I have for a school project.  It's difficult to find people who know a lot about Liberia here in Indiana.

Thanks for reading and for whatever help you may be able to give.

This is my email :[email protected], feel free to ask me any question regarding Liberia.
Thank you so very much for the post.

I guess by now you might in Monrovia, owing to the fact that your request was posted two months ago, however I am available to render whatever assistance you might in and around Monrovia, Liberia. I am Frederick O.A. Luogon, a Liberian, a holder of to master degrees from Nigeria and a pastor with the United Methodist Church. You can also contact through [email protected] or just give me a call on [moderated] and if you already in Monrovia and you further assistance I am equally willing to help.


Hi I learn that you are looking for some one to guide you in Liberia? I can do that,but I don't speak Russian but I speak English, and dutch and I live in Europe and will be going to Liberia in march of this year for business and I know every thing about Liberia and its people culture and business wise.

so  you can contact me at [email protected]

hope to hear from you.
thanks. dennis

I am looking for people from Russia.

Hi Mariya B,
thanks for your request, I am dennis and you can contact me at [email protected]
for the trip to Liberia.

I will be awaiting your reply.

thanks. Dennis

Hi Vladimir,
I am Dennis Mulbah and I got your mail request for some one to show you around in Liberia,
I will be please to help you in Liberia. I live in the Netherlands and you can contact me at [email protected]
and I will get back to ASAP.

hope to hear from you sir.

I'll be willingly to assist you. feel free to contact me. e mail isaackolo71(at) gmail . I presently reside in Monrovia

dear sir/madan, your website is ok and I find it good that you are connecting us for news and informatics programs.

thanks and carry on the good work. I will like to say this though,please remove old advertisement that are no longer needed.

Best Regads.

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