Experienced teacher of English, Russian and French looking for a job

Hi all!
I just moved to KL, and looking to stay here for a while. I am an experienced teacher of English, Russian and French languages, as well as Sustainable Tourism and Environmental policy specialist (was doing my Master's in Greece and S. Korea and then have been specializing in Environmental policy in Australia).
Ideally I would prefer to be a lecturer at university (teach either languages or Tourism related subjects), but I know most of them require PhD degree, which I am planning to start soon.
Any suggestions and advice are absolutely welcome!
Thanks and have an awesome day!

You will need a language qualification to teach in Malaysia and not all language schools provide a work permit. You could try Premier Language Centre as they are currently hiring in different categories hr[at]premier.edu.my

Thanks Gravitas! I have all the teaching qualifications.
I appreciate your advice.

Hi Alena, would you be willing to teach French lessons. I would like to learn related to my job. How much are you charging and where do you stay. Which country you come from as well

I am teaching French lessons as well, the classes will be structured around student's goals. For further details I can be contacted at [moderated]
Look forward to hearing from you ~

Hi Alena, you can try to apply at Morris Allen.

Hi Alena_Vegana,

Please drop your resume in the Teaching jobs in Kuala Lumpur section :)

Thank you


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