Work in Nouméa for an English speaker?

Hi there all, My wife and I'll be moving end of September to Nouméa. She's already got a job and I'll be looking for one. I've always worked in a bi or tri-lingual environment and would like to continue with that. Any chance of finding English speaking companies in Nouméa or outside? I know I'm chancing it but that's how it works in life!
Anyway, even if it's not possible, how about an English-speaking community?
Look forward to hearing from you all. Jax

Hi jaxotoole! Have you tried the Noumea classifieds > job section..
Good luck!

Hello! Yes I have but it wasn't very successful! Ah well, I'll just give it some time and post my CV in the classified section - who knows!
Thanks a lot!

If you're interested in teaching, there's an international primary school and junior high.

Otherwise, for social activities, there's an English Club here that doesfun activities regularly.

Sounds very interesting - I'll contact them upon my arrival. I was also thinking about the Australian embassy...