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Hi luvly people how is it going? Anyways am not so new on Expat.com but am posting for the first time.have been in Dhaka for quite some times now but i sometimes feel very alone and isolated.anyone with possible suggestion on how to get over this feeling.

Hi akinola akinwale,

I moved your topic on the Dhaka forum for more visibility and for a better interaction with the other members. :)

In order to get over this feeling, i will advise you to socialise more through facebook, twitter etc etc and to go out outside (restaurants, nightclubs etc), talk to new people and make new acquaintances.   :idontagree:

You can also propose an expat meet-up here on the forum, you may suggest a date, time and the location of the meet-up and see who will join you.

Have a nice day


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