Indian food in Shanghai


I am partha from chennai, visiting Beijing & Shanghai next month and my brother visiting this month. Can you any suggestion on food, transport, sightseeing etc., my email: jparnir[at]


Hello partha

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Hope somebody helps you out quick..but hey.. why not try Chinese food for a change? It shall make your visit to this country even more interesting if you ate Chinese. ;)


Hi Pratha, I am living in Shanghai , noted down your email add. and I will send you mail soon .
Hope it can help you .

i know a good indian restaurant one at Tianzifang(田子坊 Shanghai called '莲池印度餐厅,actually there are many others you can find but i also agree with what 'kenjee' have said,i think it's a good chance for u to try some Chinese food. Shanghai transportation is so comfortable,travel by metro train is the best choice for me. For sightseeing,you can search the google for some interesting articles coz' all is there,wish u have a good time in China!

Hi Try some Chinese food at the south memory restaurant . I hope you will like the dishes because they serve a good deal and value for money with awesome taste for spice freaks. You can search the address on net because they are located at various locations in shanghai. You can try dishes like Catfish ( non veg)  , Mapu tofu( veg) , assorted fried veggies( veg). they have many desserts and drinks for that sweet tooth of yours. Stay happy and healthy . For any information or help send me a PM.

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