"Visit Visa Extensions" can now be done online at moi.gov.sa

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This is an update of my family visit renewal. Hope it helps someone that may need it.

My husband paid SAR100 from his bank to MOI online. Thereafter, he went onto MOI Absher website and filled in my information. There were 4 steps. Now my visa is extended. I have printed the confirmation with all my details and keep it in my passport as I am not sure what will happen if a police officer checks.lol!


i want to know when visa stump on Passport then how much time needed to travel because on Passport Visa they mention Valid 90 days and the duration of stay 90 days and what i understand is if the Visa is Valid for 90 days then you should be travel before 90 days but one my colleague told me that you have to travel with in a month when visa stamp on passport.

i ask one travel agent of my country he told me that travel with in a month is for umrah not for family.
for family you have a time for 90 days.

now i am confuse so much.

if anyone have authentic information in this regards please guide me.

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Hi all,
I’m on multiple entry visit visa. After 6 month of stay in KSA, I came back to India and planning to return to KSA after 2 months. Is there anything like I should return to KSA within 30 days or something like that?
Just wanted to know whether my visa will be canceled if I stay for 2 months in India.
Please help...

There is no such restriction....

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After 180 days ,visa will be extended for wife or not?

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Hello Everyone!

Hope youre having a nice day. Just want to ask for your guidance with my current dilemma. I already have a job offer and a working visa for KSA. But due to Ramadan and vacation season, my working visa will most likely expire before all the documents/process are finished and be allowed to travel.

May i ask if there’s a way to extend the initial 90-day work visa validity? If not, whats my other option/s?

Thank you so much for your time! Peace!

What is the fee? Should apply for insurance before extension? If i dont extend in first visit Of 3months is it possible to extend in the second visit from 3 to 6 months?

visa fee for extension is 100 SAR..no need to extend insurance, u have too extend before 7days of 3 months . That's my experience .

What is the payment process?

https://www.saudi-expatriates.com/2019/ … bsher.html

with new one year multiple entery visit visa what is the maximum duration of stay for one enter.

after reading above comments by many members it looks like visitor can stay for 90 days and can get extension for 90 days more...am i right?

but one of my friend told me otherwise.

please someone guide.

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