"Visit Visa Extensions" can now be done online at moi.gov.sa

Before visit visa was 3 months n u could extend two times by 3/3 months. Now they'll grant u for 6 months.

so if i get 90days i can extend once equivalent of 6months?

anyone knows a agent for visit visa?? this website expatriates.com/classifieds/saudi/leg/index.html

lots of offers did anyone try about this?


I need help in connection with visa as well. I know I need iqama first which might take 8 weeks or so, then I can apply for my family visit visa. how long does that visa last for and can it be extended. what is the procedure please help me.


Fee13 :


I need help in connection with visa as well. I know I need iqama first which might take 8 weeks or so, then I can apply for my family visit visa. how long does that visa last for and can it be extended. what is the procedure please help me.


8 Weeks is a very long time to get your IQAMA, usually 2-4 weeks is the normal duration, But you never know how things woks in this part of the world. SO good Luck on that front.

After getting your RP, you can apply fopr the visit visa and the duration is very clearly mentioned on the visit visa and it all depends on the mood of the person issuing the same at the saudi embassy !! Don't go with the preconceived notion of the validity of the visit visa, Do check it when it is stamped on your passport !!

I have a doubt !

After applying for visit visa , we have to take the application to Chamber of Commerce right ?

what if the employee is working in Government ?

What's the process if he is a government employee ?

Hi.. has anyone tried extending their family's visit visa recently? I left ksa novemver 2014 after completing my 9 months stay.I just want to confirm if its official that only 6months maximum stay is allowed. Thank you. First hand infos greatly appreciated.

If you had your visa extended once..(3 months)  and yout total stay is already 6months, will they renew again for another 3 months my visa expires on the 13 May and I would like to know PLease!


Hi sarahrafaqat! I also would like to know if i can stay for a total of 9 months here in the kingdom ( 3months+3 months extension+another 3 months extension).

Last year 2014 (Feb-November) I spent the complete 9 months under visit visa.
( 3months+3 months extension+another 3 months extension).

But ive read before in arab news January 2015 that the allowed stay for visit visa is only for 6 months. Its not clear to me though if its only a proposal of the MOFA or if the article is stating that it is effectively being implemented.

Please let me know if you can extend or not, it would be a great help for me. Thanks a lot!

I am the  same trying to find out if possible..it was implemeted last month only 6 months visit visa only.

So I am waiting for a positive answer.


no maximum stay 180 days only now

i have heard that if for wife n kids then its 9 months n if for parents then its 6 months

I don't think so. I have a friend who is desperately trying to extend his wife visit visa (already extended to 6 months) but so far not able to do so.

that is sad news for me too.

Salam bro thanks alot for this useful information please let me know after online extension it is necessary to go jawazat for stumping the paper that we get it online

Hi, i think there are different extension periods. You better check

Maximum Extension only for 6 Months only ( Even for Wife) , My friend recently sent his wife back because he wasn't able to extend beyond 6 Months.

[at]waheed. After online visa is extended , you don't need to stamp it from anywhere.

no need to go to jawazat for any stamp

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this is great news

i have done the visit visa extension for my mother online. But there is no stamp on my mother passport for visa extension.

Do i need to get the extension stamped on my mom's passport ? or just a print out of the online extension is enough to travel to Makkah ?

Please reply anyone with good knowledge of it as I am going to travel with my mother to Makkah

The extension print out is already fine, the passport need not to be stamped, just bring the passport and the printed paper with visa extension details wherever your mom goes.
Good day!

no need for any stamp just stapled the online extended paper with passport

Thanks for the info.  :top:

yes dont worry just pay money and count the days and exactly before seven days renew it

Well I don't think now we have to teach jawab at for visa extension. Although istaqdam visa also issue online now but for that you have to take appointment

how to  registered on "Abshir

Sir, Tell me the procedure

Dear, Very simple procedure, Go to jwazat office there is a special computer system for absher. Put your iqama and follow the instructions. Once you complete you will receive a absher activation number save this number. Open MOI website and go to register as a new and put this activation number. You will be activated on absher.

Max extention is 6months i guess

I have visit visa 3 month please  extensions 3 month  thank you

Assalam. How to get the New Visit Visa, I Want to Visit Visa. What is the best Processer Nazir bhai.  Please  can you send me. What do. How to  do .

Dear Sir

could you tell me that how much time some one stay on visit visa i mean total 9 months or 6 months

if possible plz reply on whats app below

Abu Zainb Al Qureshi

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Is it possible to obtain a visit visa for a male friend?

yes, but you cannot apply your sponsor can apply business  visit visa

Good for you ☺

Now most of governmental service could be done online in Saudi ;)

KSA Expatriates can now apply for visit visa or renew visit visa through out the year, even in holidays.

how to apply new visit visa ?
pls tell full process for that

Visit Visa application is online now, You can fill the application online and keep checking the status, Referring article ***

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Hi I just wanna know if newly came here as domestic helper then after 2 and half month she went back to Philippines  it is possible. To come and work for another eployer ?

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