hello everyone!

hello!i´m not new in the blog but i don´t used to write much.my name is Pablo i am Spanish.
i´m going move to Switzerland this month,im going to zurich where i have a couple of friends one German and one Swiss.i go with the intencion of get a job and meet people of course!:)
i´m looking for a chef job, i have the highest Spanish diploma and four years of experience in the kitchen(good experience in first class restaurants).I can do also backery and cakes, very good english and beginner in german!:)
any help will be very apreciated! if you know any offer of if you can tell me how my possibilities are!
thanks to everyone!:)

Hello Lobo9  :cheers:

As for your job, you could place an advert in our section Chef job offers in Zurich


thanks i will!:)

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