Friends in Chengdu

Hi everybody!
I am quite new in Chengdu and I would like to meet new people and make friends!
Let me know ! :D

Hi whiteserena,

Welcome to :)

How long will you be in Chengdu?


I will be here till december!! Nice to meet you!

Hi Serena,

Welcome to China. You can check with Milly wang (w.liheng[at] and she knows little Italiano, as she spent a year in Rome.

Hope you can bear her!!


Ciao Bella! 
I'm also pretty new to the city so let me know when ur around and we can get a few people together for a drink / food :)

Hey let's all do a meet up dinner in Chengdu

Hi, i'm Chengdu native , and can speak a little bit English.
are you still in Chengdu now?

Hey peeps

I am a Brit in Chengdu [English teacher !!!!] - been here for 12 months, know some of the foreign bars here {The Bookworm and The Shamrock} but always willing to do more with other like-minded guys and girls !!

Been lazy so a kick up the bum would be good in many ways

Take care


You  are in Chengdu  still or not?

Yes but not sure - at the moment - for how much longer ?

Likely job change imminent !!




I don't know if it is too late but I came just last week in Chengdu and I am trying to find new friends here.

Hi guys,

I am in Chengdu and have stayed there for 3 years. I am a Chinese and am teaching Mandarin now. I am also a member of Toastmaster club, where you could meet lots of friends here. Any one is interested, please contact me. Cheers!


If anyone is still trying to hang out give me a shout.


Hi Stepanie,
I planned to move to chengdu,
Fo 14 month.
Is there an area you can recommend for expats to live?
Hech I will come for a weekend to visit some district in chengdu.
BR uwe

Anyone here still in Chengdu?

How's it going guys? Enjoy your life here?  :)

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