Best Bank in Mauritius?


My friend is a citizen of South Africa. He wants to have a bank account in Mauritius. Which is the best bank inorder to transfer the USD from South Africa to Mauritius?

Thanks in advance.

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Seems you are just being a troll or you are not on the right forum  :o  :lol:

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dora.afua :

I look forward meeting you

Seems you are just being a troll or you are not on the right forum  :o  :lol:

She lives in Ghana and works for Barclays

There are actually a number of world class banks but actually heard a lot about afrasia bank these days. Your friend has a bank account already in Mauritius or does he want to set up one now? Why is the money being transferred and for which transaction, and what amount? These are the unavoidable questions your banker will ask you. We are actually a consulting firm with a wide network of bankers and should you have more queries kindly drop us a mail on[at]

You can't go wrong with MCB, that's my personal opinion.

SBM tends to be neglected but is a good bet

MCB is very efficient. They assisted me in opening an account in their bank even before I could move to Mauritius. I am now traveling around the world as now  I have my branches in several countries and they assist me even when I am not Physically present in Mauritius.

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Hi there, I would suggest either Mauritius Commercial Bank ( MCB ) or Barclays Mauritius. My wife and I have accounts with both banks, but we live in the UK ( my wife is Mauritian ) and travel to Mauritius each year. MCB is by far the most popular, and has branches and cash-tills all over the island, even in the most remote places. Barclays are good too, they have branches in the major towns;  the staff in both banks are always very friendly and extremely helpful.  Both banks have internet banking which we use from home in the UK to transfer money. Transferring money from our Barclays UK account to Barclays Mauritius carries no transaction charge when done on-linea major bonus. Finally, I'm not sure what the interest rate is like on basic accounts in SA, but the standard accounts in both Barclays Mauritius and MCB are much better than here in the UK. All in all, I find banking in Mauritius is hassle-free once your account is up and running. Hope this helps mate.cheers.

I have tried Barclays and SBM, did not like their restrictions on FX. If you want corporate banking try MCB. Personal banking i would say Banque des Mascareignes and MCB.

Additionally with MCB, if you're an expat, or have a certain amount of USD, you will get access to their Private Banking team which proves most useful from time to time.

In my view, am lucky to have found Bank One - in terms of Value it offers the best.

Offers Elite and Private banking customized solutions for foreigners
The bank offers the highest savings rate at 2.5%
The only bank which offers cashback on all credit card transactions, They are free for life based on spend.
Their pricing is the best on all loans with longest tenors.
Flexible service based on your needs

It is a bank where I saw very short wait times. Mostly don't find any queues. The new Digital and Internet banking is very good as well.

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Can you elaborate on FX restrictions? If one moved to Mauritius and transferred all their savings but then felt homesick and wanted to return, can they transfer their savings out of Mauritius?

Another question, if one bought a usd500000 property in order to gain residency and wanted to leave if things didn’t work out, do the property prices tend to increase with time (like they do in U.K.)?


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