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i'm quite new to botswana,less than 2 months really.I have had very little outdoor experience.my wife is a nurse but i am       
still however unemployed.I'm looking for employment in the Electronic/Electrical engineering field particulrily in the Telecommunications industry.Any help you can give me guys will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Simbah,

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I advise you to post your request in the jobs section here > https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/africa/botswana/

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Congrs that you have been able to go to Botswana, obtaining a job is easy if you are there ready. Be advised that you have to spend some minutes on the internet researching jobs, they are many and its the viable way because there are no more papers in Botswana.

Good luck to you!

Hi...currently am living in Dar es salaam ,Am looking for job to work as director of photography in any multimedia industry or a advertising company or film company

for more info visit this page
https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/africa/bo … ditor.html

HI !
SIMBAH your case is over in  Jesus name God is on your side.