Want to learn English - Can offer teach you Dutch

Hallo, my name is Olivier, I am 34 and looking for somebody to talk English. I can help you for Dutch maybe, and you for my English, it depends what you expect (i speak French and Dutch is a little bit better than my English)

Hallo, i tried to contact you but i put a wrong mail... So, i contact you if you are interested to meet me because i want to improve my english by speaking with somebody. I f you want to speak French, I can help you for this... I live in Brussel and I am 35.

Are you interested?

Good evening


hi, oliver, if you want to reach your English i think you need to do a lot of practice. For practicing you can use different chat sites like skype, yahoo messenger add foreign friends who knows English Well. Talk with them with different issues,  i think it will work as a good tonic for you. better if you can make friendship with a girl of outsiders (Foreign) then  it will work more.


Engr. Sharif Mahmud Bhuiyan

Hello Olivieretterbeek1979 and welcome to Expat.com!

I suggest you to place an advert in our section Language Exchange in Belgium to increase your chances to find somebody who would be willing to help you out.

P.s : Do you have two different accounts? Is Olivieretterbeek79 and Olivieretterbeek1979 your account?



I would like to be in touch with you. I want to learn Dutch and in return you can practice English.

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