Portuguese citizenship


I'm a Brazilian citizen and after several years, I finally met my biological father. The nice thing is that he's Portuguese. However, the Portuguese law says that if he recognises me now, I got no right to citizenship as I'm not a minor. In this case, we believe that the right thing would be for him to do an adoption process. When you do this in Brazil, you get a new name and a new birth certificate. The birth certificate has no mention to the adoption at all. Is there anyway for the Portuguese government to find out? Or I'm likely to obtain Portuguese nationality?

I'm Canadian with both parents born in Portugal. I have my mother's Portuguese Status Card, but can not find my father's (and he is now deceased).

I'll be visiting Portugal this June ~ And wondering if it'd be easier and quicker to apply for my Portuguese Citizenship while I'm there... as it seems to take 1-2 years and $350 going through the Portuguese Embassy in my hometown (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Thank you :)

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