Retiring in SE-Asia / E-Asia

I'm now making enough money online that I'm planning to retire in SE-Asia.

It's not enough to consider places like Singapore or Hong Kong, so I'm targeting the cheaper countries.

My hope would be to live on US$1500 a month, with US$800 for rental at most and the rest for general living expenses.

My ideal is to live near the beach in a constantly warm climate. The only thing I absolutely need is reliable internet service to manage my businesses. It would also be good if an international airport would be within a day's travel that connects to Hong Kong and Singapore.

And ultimately, the country should have an open visa policy. I don't want to go for visa runs every month (that means Thailand is out as I'm no where near the necessary age for a retirement visa).

Could somebody give any tips on which country to choose best?

I'm eyeing the Philippines and Taiwan for the moment.

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