Getting Vaccines in Cambodia

Does anyone know if you can get vaccines in Cambodia for Hep B, Japanese Encephalitis, and Malaria?

Better get it in your own country before entering cambodia. Just to be safe.

6 months ago, my daughter who lives in PP needed to complete a course of Hep A & B Vaccination with Twinrix which covers both Hep A & B, She'd had the initial doses in Malaysia.
Several clinics said it was not imported in Cambodia, but I eventually found it at SOS. Royal Rattanak said they could get it in within 2 weeks.
The cost at both however was 3 times of the cost of the shot in Malaysia.
Think Pasteur would have the Malaria shot.

SOS has the same prices, service and expertise as any western hospital. If you're willing to pay the top price just to have your injections done by the top medics in the region, feel free to do so.

We've done all our vaccinations at Embassy Medical Center, and the vaccines have always been in stock (so far).

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