Wish to relocate to Scotland with my family

I am Louis Okoafor, from Nigeria presently living in Spain with my family and I have Spanish passport. I have lived in Spain for 15years and I worked for 13years but now I have no work and my wife is not working too because there is no job in Spain now.

So I want to relocate to Scotland for living and to look for job because it is not easy for me and my family.  I have three children and my wife that I am taking c
are off.  But I will go alone first when I get job and house my family will come and join me.

I have the experiences of working in factories, restorants,hotels and security jobs

Please I need a help.

Hello louis okoafor and welcome to Expat.com! :)

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I suggest you place an advert in the required field in our section Jobs in Scotland to maximise your chances to find an employment there.


my wife and i would love to retire to scotland we have our own pension

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