Police Certificate from Cambodia

Hello people,

I know that has been posted before, but since it was an old thread I figured I should maybe start a new one and ask people around if anything has changed. I am wondering if it is possible to get a police certificate from Cambodia without actually going there. Travelling to Cambodia at this point is very very difficult for us and I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if that is still the only way possible.
Also, if we have to physically be present in order to order that, do you know how long it takes for that document to be issued?

Thanks a lot in advance for your attention.

Hi BB,
I'm in exactly the same situation - looking to get the police certificate clearance from outside of Cambodia. I contacted some "agents" who weren't much help, so far they have told me that I have to present personally at the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) and thumb print the application there to get the clearance which seems ridiculous.
I'd love to hear if you came across some more hopeful leads. I have just instructed another agent and will let you know if I hear differently.

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