How can I move to Bhutan?

I am interested in moving to Bhutan, preferably Thimphu. I don't necessarily have any degrees, except high school. I am not worried about a job, money is not an issue. How can I move to Bhutan under these circumstances.

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May I ask you why you would like to move to Bhutan and what you would like to do there? Have you already been there, do you know anybody there?

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I am one of the very few foreigners who has lived in Bhutan.
Moving there is not easy and you will only be allowed if you get a job before and they help you to get the visa (as for most of the countries as a matter of fact).
My advice would be that you perhaps visit the country first as a tourists and, while being there, you try to make some contacts and elaborate on that later on to move.
If you need advice about how to go as a tourist (is not as straight forward as it might sound for other countries) then let me know.

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It never occurred to me that it might be possible to live in Bhutan.

I had heard that if I wanted to visit Bhutan the government charged a fee of $200 per day.

Do you think it would be possible for me to teach tennis in Bhutan ?  Are there any tennis courts in Bhutan.

Although I have spent over a year in India over 5 different trips to India I have never visited Bhutan.

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