Danish Business Graduate from London looking for job in New York

Hi there,

I am a recent business graduate (studied in London) from Denmark - now looking for a job/internship in New York end of this year or beginning of next year. Would love any advices or suggestions on how to get started in New York! Fluent in: English, Danish & Vietnamese with various business related work experience.


I have a feeling that you might have to start with a low paying job like starbucks or a restaurant, just to get some money in to pay bills.

Now since you speak Danish and Vietnamese, you probably want to find a translating job to get you going, or teach those languages to people who might be interested. If you go to your local library while in New York, they might be able to help you with that.

Create a complete profile on linkedin.com and join groups/communites there. You might be able to find a job there. Lots of companies looking for employees there.

Indeed.com, simply hired.com, monster.com, glassdoor.com, internships.com are great websites where you can look for a job and post your resume for thousands of employers to see.

Good luck!

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