Considering a move to the Philippines

I am wondering whether anyone can give me some information regarding what It would be like to move to the Philippines (Calamba city)! My husband has been offered a job in an engineering company from which he should be paid fairly well. We have a 10 week old baby and are concerned about his and our quality of life, we have several important concerns
(1) what the healthcare system is like? Especially in the case of needing emergency treatment, ambulances etc...
(2) Has anyone found the heat and humidity a problem for a baby?
(3) What is Calamba city like?
(3) What is getting around on a day to day basis like for a British ex-pat- I hear that having a car might not be a good idea so perhaps i need to find an alternative reliable system. Can the taxi’s be trusted?
(3) How does grocery shopping compare to the Uk or the USA?
(4) I hear the cost of living in the Philippines is much cheaper- approx how much cheaper? for example, with regards to accomodation. We would like to live in a medium-large house or appartment with airconditioning, approx. 3 bedrooms in a safe family orientated area.
(5)Is there a problem with crime? do you feel safe walking around in cities such as Manila?
(6) Are the tourist resorts safe?
(7) What kind of ex-pat employment packages are out there?
(8) Would anyone be up for meeting us for a chat once we arrive in Calamba City area late August? We would appreciate unbiased non-company information.
(9) We would like to get a good idea of the cost of living asap to discuss wages etc...

What I would like is some advice from someone that has done this already and would not mind me emailing them with questions as they come up. We plan to visit the Philippines before we decide to move there so hopefully we should get a taste for things- any hints on what to look out for, pros and cons would be gratefully received!

Hi. I have lived in Cabuyao near Calamba for 7 years.Hope this info will help you
1)Calamba has an excellent hospital CMC (Calamba Medical Center)
You get an ambulance but would be a bit slower than dialling 999
2)It is hot and quite humid due to the low elevation but you get used to it and live accordingly
3)Calamba is a busy city with congested traffic.The Calamba area extends to the Batangas border and takes in Pansol where there are many hot springs,fed by the volcanic Mt Makiling..Bliss to soak in the warm waters..costs about one pound
No taxis in Calamba just trikes,buses and jeepneys
Shopping is cheaper than UK with a few exceptions.A new SM mall will open in October,hopefully will have a Starbucks or similar and a good bookstore
4)Its not as cheap as it used to be!but where is
Would imagine that 25k (350 pounds) would get you a nice house in secure,guarded subdivision,if not in Calamba then nearby Santa Rosa for sure
5)Its as safe as any city,just be sensible and dont do anything you would not do in UK
7)Sorry dont know,but the BPO/call center industry is booming with a lot of foreign investment
8)No problem but will leave late Aug for short trip to UK,first time back for 7 years
9)Its not expensive to get a housemaid(30 to 40 pounds per month) and a nanny/childminder. References essential

(2) Has anyone found the heat and humidity a problem for a baby?

Depends on the spot where you live. If you cannot withstand the heat, then get an A/C installed.

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