British citizen + Non EU are going to get married in Belgium

Hi everyone,

I am a girl from Russia, am living in the UK at the moment with Tier 5 visa, going to leave the UK very soon though. I have a boyfriend (British citizen), we are going to get married, but this business is a nightmare in here (and quite expensive nightmare  :D )!
At the same time my boyfriend is thinking to move somewhere to the continent for some time  (he could get a contract for 1 year), so we were thinking about to get married somewhere in Europe. Could you tell me please, how easy is this process in Belgium, what do we need, what type of visa I have to apply for, what kind of document will I receive once we get married, how soon can I start to work etc.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Diana,

Every European country has its particularities when it comes to marriage, but the Belgian consulate in London might be able to help you (17, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1X 7EE London, +44 20 747 037 00). For some points to consider about marriage, check,

and about the status it would afford you, here:

Good luck!

Thank you for this information! :)

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