Work & live in Baku?

Good evening,

I am seeking information if a job in Baku would be a good decision. My fiancé might have the possibility to take on a job in Baku and I would be over the moon if one or the other of you could give me an idea what to expect.

What salary should you expect?
Where to move? Secure living?
Cost of flats in secure area?
Grocery shopping - how much to calculate for 2 people?
How to organise health care?
Is it ok to live as a couple in one flat when not married jet?
How to get by without a car?

Thanks a million for your answers in advance.

Kind regards

Hi I'm from Baku Azerbaijan. Please first tell me about your self. Your nationality?

Baku is not good for foreigners. There currency is very powerful no doubt but job is not available for foreigners.

Hi Rhea,

1) The salary depends on the job your fiance is taking. If it's oil/engineering industry it will be a good salary for foreigners especially.
2) For most secure living the city center and suburbs is ok. Baku has a low crime rate.
3) In the city center the rental price is around 600-1000 euros minimum for a single room with kitchen and toilet.
4) 400 a month/person is enough for normal food maintenance (only!).
5) Have no information about it.
6) As you are not an Azerbaijani, people will not pay attention to that. Don't worry. Especially if you'll be living around city center, completely no problem.
6) Metro and buses are the main transport. We have many traffic jams in the mornings and during rush hour, so sometimes it takes less time to go by metro than a personal car.

Good morning Eltaj,
Thank you very much for your answers - those were really helpful.

Is there an area to live  that you could suggest which is quiet?

Thanks again,

No problem. Well, the most quiet places are suburbs, but if you need to move on to the city center I recommend somewhere around Icharishahar (Old Town) as it's really peaceful there. However, the prices there can vary (from 600 to 1500 euros/month), so make a good search around the internet to find out the best option. Please consider also that it really depends on the location of the house/apartment. Some buildings are too close to the main roads, some are in the more quite blocks.
Hope that helps.

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