Considering LoveTEFL

Hi, I'm considering moving to Cambodia and taking up a TEFL internship with a company called LoveTefl.
Has anyone used this TEFL provider or have any information on them?

I am also looking into TEFL courses in Phnom Penh. There are two that I have been screening and talking with for the past month (Language Corps and Bridge TEFL). Both seem to have good and bad aspects. Language corps is $1750 for the basic course and Bridge is $1995. I think they are offered through the same partner org and the courses are identical except for the price.

I'm interested in learning more about Love TEFL or any other on the ground courses in Cambodia.



Thanks for making me me aware of those two, I'll definitely keep them in mind.

What I like about LoveTEFL is that its more of an internship. You get almost 3 months of teaching experience and accommodation is included for about $1300. I have seen that their Thailand and China branches are legit, so I hope this one is too.

Both of the courses that I mentioned are 4 week courses with complete certification the end. The drawback is that the actual in-class teaching experience is usually only 6 days. However, if you have taught before, that may not be an issue as you just adapt your style to the subject (i.e. ESL).  You might pay a little more, but you will be teaching and earning money in <2 months. 

But the longer course seems good as well. 3 months with accommodation is a steal at $1300.

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