Type D student VISA

Hello everyone!

I've been accepted at ULB but my acceptance letter hasn't arrived yet by mail. It's been about 3 months now.

Is it possible to provide the embassy with the emailed scanned acceptance letter? It's the same as the original one but it's scanned and sent via email?

Is there anyone here with the same experience? I'm scared to get a rejection because of this.

Thanks in advance.

if you are short of time and have an appointment at the embassy then there's nothing you can do but take the scanned copy and tell them it hasnt arrived yet. this is common and they should understand.

Have you completed your entire application process?  Even though I was accepted at Leuven and they sent me the electronic copy of the letter by email, The university declined to send the official letter until my application was fully completed. (did you forget to pay the registration fee or send your high school diploma...something like that?) 

Try contacting the admissions dept. to clarify that you have nothing outstanding on your application.

I wouldn't be scared of rejection... Like crisscross said the belgian embassy would probably understand. You know every year thousands of people apply for visa applications and these things must be common. I'm sure if the rest of your application is in order you will be fine.

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