Kenyan Research Participants Wanted!

Hey guys,
I would like to interview Kenyan women living in Australia as part of my research study. My research seeks to understand how traditional/cultural ceremonies are performed by diaspora African communities in Australia. In particular, the research study would like to investigate how Kenyan coastal communities perform traditional bride preparation ceremonies e.g. the dowry ceremony, while here in Australia.

If you are a lady over 18; from a coastal tribe; still identify with your ethnic heritage and most importantly would not mind having a conversation about bride preparation ceremonies from your ethnic community, kindly send me a message. Or, send me an email at sawori[at]student[dot]unimelb[dot]edu[dot]au.

About me: I am a Kenyan Computer Engineering PhD at the University of Melbourne, looking to design a kick-ass technology, that will support our grandparents in teaching us our rich cultural heritage.

Hi and welcome to the forum kagonya,

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Testimonies section of Melbourne classifieds.
It should help.

Armand Team

i can be of help in giving some of theinformation although am currently living in Kenya.
you can mail me at ligcia (at) yahoo(dot) ca.