Saudi Arabia - Salary and offer/package questions

Hi there!
I am Portuguese, mechanical engineer, 39 years old,and 15 years work experience
I have an proposal to work in Saudi Arabia, position: General Manager.
The company (Portuguese) will be associated with an Saudi Arabia company, and my mission will be development of the business area  (services)

They offer me accomodation on a compoud ( it´s like a private condominium ) with all expenses included, except food.

I will have car with driver.
I will have 4 flights home/year.
I will have also health and work insurance
Salary; 9 000 USD payed in Saudi Arabia.

What do you think about this proposal?
It is easy to send or bring USD money from Saudi Arabia to Europe?

Many thanks!

Have a look what you have written once again, what else you need? :)
You can easily transfer (from your smartphone) your money in your bank in Europe thru SABB (HSBC), for example.

Hi kom340!

Tks for your repply! :)

About the money transfer, do you know anything about the fare? How Mutch % the bank or agency will charge me?



A wonderful opportunity has knocked at your door. Do not worry about money transfer of bank charges. You must imagine as if the salary will be in your bank back home without you knowing about it.

Just enjoy your career in Saudi, concentrate and praise what you 'have here' rather than worrying about things you can not do any thing about, except to accept them the way they are.

Welcome as an Expat in Saudi Arabia.

Tks riazcdki!  ;)

Where can i find the Quran Study Centre in RIYADH near Exit-7

Hello Brother  Peer,

Kindly post a new thread " I am interested in knowing about Islam and Quran, please Help?

This is only way you would get the maximum response.


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