Apartment for rent - In egyptian Town [ Price please ]

Hi all,
any advice about renting apartment in Egypt,
the location would be not in Cairo or big cities, just in an egyptain town and I would like to know about the price of renting. Does anyone have a deal ??


As rents may differ from place to place you need to give say 3 towns or cities you would consider and then you may get a reply

U might like ismailia, it's pretty small,quiet city 
apartments ranging from 500 to 1200 pounds, in special places

Hello Canada92

I would suggest you drop in an advert in our section Flats for rent in Egypt to get better responses to your queries.



thanks for the replies,
ok so I dont want big cities, how about rahab, or sadat city and is there any problem if a foreign renting from egyptain. Do I have to hire a lawyer for the rent?

no u don't and Alrehab i think it will start 2000 le

ok, so based on your information do you know how much I canadian dollar worth in Egyptain pound

I know some about Alex+ Hurghada rental prices so, if u wanna know a little about these cities?

Hello. U still wanna know about for example, Hurghada, where hv been over year? Plz, let me know if u want..

Hello torun5861,

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Do you have any information concerning the accommodation in Egypt?

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