any info on what all this Syariah Law stuff is?


I'm a Kiwi Geologist, just applied for an oil and gas job in Brunei! I have no idea what I am getting myself into (if I even get that far, that is!).

I hear Brunei is a good place to make some money, and get some good early-career experience, and that it is cheap to live and that the lifestyle is pretty good?? I'm super into my fitness and do loads of running & gym-ing so hope I can still do that over there?

Does anyone have any info on what all this Syariah Law stuff is? Will that make living in Brunei a nightmare? I'm used to super laid back NZ!

Feel free to message me if you want to know more about the Syrariah Law and anything else regarding a move to Brunei. We have been here a year and have settled pretty quickly.

Hello Lowton71 and welcome to  :cheers:

It will be most generous of you, if you could share some informations here on the forum itself so that it can serve other members in the future having the same queries.


You will need to check how Brunei plans to use it.  It can vary how it is implemented from country to country.
Anyways I am a kiwi chick coming over to work for a petroleum company and was wondering how you were finding life there?

I will say a few things, but remember that negative comments regarding the law are taken very seriously in Brunei. Heavy fines, jail and having work permits revoked being some examples.

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