College, living costs?


I am considering moving to Ukraine for studying but I really have no background about cost of living, accommodation and college in Ukraine and am wondering if anyone Ukrainian can help me about the average prices? also the possibility of finding a part-time job to help afford study cost?

I'd be very grateful for any help, thanks in advance!

Hello amrtarek  :cheers:

I invite you to read this thread, it may help you gather infos about Cost of living in Ukraine. .

Concerning your job hunt, I suggest you place an advert in our section Jobs in Ukraine.



Hello! What are u interested in?
Rent a flat or room? Where are u going to live???

Anything.. a room is ok. looking into Kiev.

Try this website for cost of living

Hello amrtarek,

You could check out our section Rooms for rent in Kiev to see the rental proposals out there and maybe place your own advert too.



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