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I'm a college lever instructor with 10 years international NGO program management  experience.

I have a few questions:  I will be moving mid August (right now no job). Is it possible to get the 1 year business visa mmediately at the airport or do I need to get the 30 day visa and then extend at a later date?

My plan is that if I don't have a job lined up a few weeks before departure, I will enroll in a TEFL course taught in PP. I'd like to get hands on experience in country. Is this wise? Or should I obtain an online certification before arriving and better my chances to get a decent teaching job offer early on.

Also, are there any NGOs that offer higher than Khmer wages  that I could look into? I've applied to a few, but I'm sure there are tons out there.

Finally, how hard is it to get a visa renewal at the US embassy? I have about 18 months until mine expires (May 2015).  Is there an optimal time to do this so that I don't lose any Visas I might have? Anyone experience this before?

I'm sure I'll  have other questions later.

Many thanks,

Jay Mc

hi jay      sorry im new at this too i go in december still not positive yet im planning to go to thailand for 2 months and then go cambodia , i think in my situation i will be able to get 1 2 , 3 or a year when i get there, 290 us for a year dollars, any way hope that helps     craig

Hello, my best advice to you is to come to Siem Reap and get your visa renewed; it's a little cheaper at about $170 for six months.  As for getting a teaching license, honestly I wouldn't go and spend more money on TEFL or anything; there are plenty of international schools here that are looking for new talent. 

My wife is bilingual, and has experience in helping foreigners like yourself make the transition to come over here to work, especially at schools.  Feel free to drop her a message at scott.brett40[at]

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Brett and Linda

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Hi Jay Mc,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

you can get a year visa at the airport for $325.  officials take your passport and cash and give you back Passport  with year visa stamp in one to 5 days. Make sure to get receipt. they bring to your hotel.  I guess your trying to say that your passport will expire sometime after you arrive in Cambo.  I have no experience regarding PP renewal in Cambo but you could email them I suppose. Or you could do it before you come here which might be more comfortable. If you need a pickup at the airport please use my stepsons service  tuk tuk adventure you can email me at l.g.franks[at] be sure to put attention Lawrence in subject line. I can set you up in any kind of hotel you want just name the price range.  Sam will be at airport with sign that says welcome to Cambodia and your name.  He speaks english and is trustworthy.  Hope this helps.  Regards Lawrence

Hi..... complete the visa application form on the flight to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap and ensure you apply for catagory 'O' visa (ordinary visa... alpha numeric begins with an 'E')
Cost is $25 upon arrival at the airport..... get off the plane first if you can. DO NOT APPLY FOR TOURIST VISA! (It's an easy mistake to make because of the new application form design.... probably intentional) The form does not ask if you want a business visa - it is now called an 'ordinary' visa. Check the right box!

Make sure you present a passport photo together with your application and passport.... then stand back and wait. Then
collect and pay.
As you go through passport control... watch out for the 'official' who will ask you to leave your passport with him and he'll call you in a few days to collect it complete with 1 year visa extension. The answer is NO!
Most travel agents are reputable and will arrange visa extension for 3, 6 or 12 months. They'll give you a dated receipt for payment..... usually takes a week. Apply a couple of days before your 1st visa expires. Remember, a lot of agents close on Sundays.
As far as work is concerned..... a good school or UNI will see to your visa and work permit for you but this is unusual unless you get a really good job.
I've taught in S.Ville and P.P...... I'll send you more info about this later. Best Wishes. C.P.

Hi..... quickly before I go to work. Please do not leave your passport with anyone at the airport and don't let anyone you don't know organise taxis or accomodaton for you.
I can recommend accomodation, how much you should pay for taxis, tuk tuks  etc. All of which you can check out on line! C.P.

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