What about playing volleyball or beach volleyball in Kuwait ? Especially in Salmiya. 
Do You know any place or a group where I can play ?

Hello Natalie,

I think there is a place near to platinum gym in sharq on the beach , I know someone who plays volleyball but I don't know when, so I will ask her and I'll tell you .

It's very near my apartment so it will be great :)
Please let me know :)

You're in Salmyia or Sharq .. as I am talking about Platinum which is based in Sharq .. I'm near to that one on Salmyia too :)

Oh... I was talking about Salmyia ... We have Platinum gym as well here ;)

The places I know for beach volleyball are [url=https://www.google.com/maps/[at]29.3561877,47.9474664,15z]Shuwaikh Beach[/url] and the [url=https://www.google.com/maps/[at]29.1734141,48.1179595,15z]Mahboula seafront[/url]. It's a good idea to set one net in Marina beach I don't think anyone would mind that :)

come on! lets play volleyball!!

there is an expat group that meets weekly to play volleyball at ASK, they are on FB, if ur interested u can look them up

Thanks for information :)
Do U know what is the name of this group exactly ? Or can U add me ? :)

If you still want to play volleyball please contact me so we can arrange volleyball games

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